Terms and conditions Supskool Leeuwarden

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions SUP Skool Leeuwarden and Stadsstrand Leeuwarden These general terms and conditions were drawn up on March 1, 2021.


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

Organisation: SUP Skool Leeuwarden and Stadsstrand Leeuwarden, Tenant/participant: natural person who concludes the agreement with the organization on behalf of himself, or on behalf of a group, not acting in the exercise of a profession or business (consumer);

Agreement: the agreement whereby the participant commits to the organization to use a SUP board and paddle, a canoe and/or to participate in a SUP activity for a fee.

SUP: SUP board, paddle and leash

General rules

We go on the water Corona-proof and follow the guidelines of the RIVM and Watersport covenant

Participation in the SUP activities is allowed if you are healthy and fit. You have no cold complaints and fever. You are not infected with the Covid virus and you do not have roommates, family members who have Corona.

The organization rents the SUP for 1.5 hours, unless otherwise agreed. The SUPs must in all cases be back at the rental location before sunset, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

The minimum age to rent a SUP from the organization and/or to participate in a SUP activity is 18 years. If the tenant/participant is younger, a parent/guardian must be present.

It is not allowed to paddle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. It is not allowed to leave the SUP unattended.

In case of bad weather (visibility of max. 50 meters, persistent rain, thunderstorms or storms), the organization reserves the right to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect and to offer the tenant/participant a reasonable alternative.

Sailing rules and sailing area SUP Skool Leeuwarden

The SUP boards of the organization may be used on inland waterways in and around Leeuwarden (maximum with a radius of 10 km from the Stadsstrand location

Leeuwarden). Taking a SUP outside this area is not permitted, provided explicit permission has been given. In connection with the safety of the tenant/participant, it is absolutely forbidden to sail on the canal with the SUP/canoe (without permission from the organization).

The tenant/participant must sail on the right-hand side as much as possible and must adhere to the sailing rules.

Obligations of participant/tenant

At the start of the SUP activity, the organization transfers the SUP to the tenant/participant. The tenant/participant ensures that the SUP is in good condition and that it can be used for the use for which it is intended.

The tenant/participant informs the organization before the start of the rental period of any existing damage to the SUP and records this. The costs of normal maintenance of the SUP are for the account of the organization. Under no circumstances will the organization reimburse repairs carried out by the participant itself or by third parties on behalf of the participant.

The tenant/participant must at all times adhere to the instructions of the organization and/or its staff or additional instructions in the context of a SUP lesson or other SUP activity.

The tenant/participant is deemed to have sufficient skills for caring and safe handling of the SUP.

All equipment (SUP board, paddle, leash, pump, life jacket, waterproof bag) must be returned in the same condition after the rental period. In the event of loss or damage, the organization will charge the participant an appropriate amount.

At the end of the period, the participant will hand in the SUP to the organization in the same condition as and at the same place where he received the SUP. The participant may only return the SUP to a different location if agreed in advance in writing.

If the participant is not going to meet the agreed return time for whatever reason, he/she must inform the organization of this by telephone as soon as possible in order to discuss this. If the SUP is handed over to the agreed location later than the agreed time without notification, the lessor will charge at least EUR 10 per hour extra and the organization is entitled to compensation for any further (consequential) damage, unless the late return is not can be attributed to the participant.

In the event of an emergency, the participant must contact the lessor as soon as possible.

The participant declares to meet the following conditions:

A participant is required to be in possession of at least a swimming diploma A and third-party insurance.

It is not permitted to participate in the activity if you suffer from neck or back complaints, are pregnant for more than 20 weeks, have or have had heart problems, are in poor condition, are short of breath, are under the influence of medicines, drugs and/or alcohol or suffer from mental and/or physical infirmities and/or physical infirmities or disorders.

Participation is at your own risk.

It is mandatory to attend an explanation / instruction from the organization before participation. The participant gives permission for the use of photos and/or recordings of him/or her on Facebook and for commercial purposes and gives permission to use his/her email address for news and information about SUP activities. In the context of the new GDPR Act, we handle your personal data with the utmost care.

The organization is not liable for the loss of personal items in the changing room and/or the pavilion.

Liability & damage

The undersigned will comply with all instructions, stipulations, directions and/or regulations given in the context of the relevant SUP activity. If this is not observed, the organization reserves the right to exclude the undersigned from participating, without refund of participation costs and to hold the undersigned liable for any damage.

If this does not happen, the organization is not liable for any injury or damage.

The undersigned is prepared to compensate for damage caused by him/her to persons, goods and/or other things, caused by him/her on and around the route.

The organization ensures that the SUP is insured for legal liability (WA) on behalf of the tenant/participant. Per SUP, a non-redeemable deductible of EUR 50 applies to the tenant / participant per case at W.A. and hull damage.

In the event of loss or theft, the tenant/participant is fully liable in all cases.

In the event of serious ignorance, negligence, recklessness and/or failure to comply with instructions from the organization and/or its staff, the insurance will not be invoked, but the tenant/participant is fully liable.

The tenant/participant is liable for damage to the SUP as well as for damage caused by him and/or fellow passengers to third parties, insofar as not covered by the insurance, that arises during the time that he is using the SUP.

The organization cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage of any kind, regardless of the cause, prior to, during or as a result of renting a SUP and/or participating in a SUP activity at the organization. Damage also includes consequential damage. An exception to this is the legal obligation to pay compensation due to demonstrable intent or gross negligence by the organization. The statutory compensation is limited to a maximum of the amount of the SUP rent / tuition or registration fee.

The organization explicitly points out the danger when getting on and off the SUP that you should always be on your knees. And the tenant/participant is also pointed out that

the material of the SUP can become very warm/hot in the summer, so that the SUP should not be pumped up too hard and should be stored on the side in the shade as much as possible. The organization cannot be held liable for damage caused by this either. Children are the responsibility of the parents.

Furthermore, the organization is not liable for theft and/or damage to property that the tenant/participant takes on the SUP. 

The tenant / participant must notify the organization as soon as possible of any damage whatsoever, or facts and / or circumstances that could reasonably lead to damage. Damage that has not been reported (to both the SUP and third parties) will be fully recovered from the tenant / participant and is not covered by the insurance.

The renter/participant is in all cases fully liable for the (consequential) damage caused by him if he uses the SUP outside the sailing area agreed between him and the organization.

If the SUP is not handed over by the tenant/participant in the same condition in which he received it, the organization is entitled to restore the SUP at the expense of the tenant/participant in the condition it was in at the start of / or participation period. The latter does not apply if the said costs are covered by the insurance. In that case, the tenant only owes the deductible of EUR 50.

Contact details

SUP Skool Leeuwarden / SUP Store Leeuwarden Harlingertrekweg 36-d

8913 HR Leeuwarden Netherlands


City beach Leeuwarden / SUP Skool Leeuwarden Sixmastraat 17 (Leeuwarder Courant site)

8932 PA Leeuwarden

Phone: 058 203 83 99

Email: info@supskoolleeuwarden.nl

Contact person for privacy matters Tineke Merkus SUP Skool Leeuwarden SUP Store Leeuwarden

Phone: 058 203 81 83

E-mail: info@stadsstrandleeuwarden.nl

Contact person for privacy matters Ritske Merkus Stadsstrand Leeuwarden SUP Store Leeuwarden

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