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NEWSLETTER 24 February 2021

Dear member,

It takes a long time, a very long time. The current rules are still the same, we can’t offer you our regular facilities. It’s difficult to accept that we can’t work together on our psyical and mental health. We are disapointed that we have not been able to give our members whay they are entitled to for months.

Corona is now hitting our company hard. There are a lot of members who have canceled their subscription. We understand that, because we have a lot of restrictions already for 1 year.

Heartwarming is the fact that a large group of members continues to support us. We are well aware that this cannot be taken for granted. You keep us going, we are very grateful to you for that!

This also strengthens us to keep going, we will not give up! Naturally, we hope to reopen as soon as possible and to be able to really serve you again. Until then, we will of course continue to serve you with an alternative offer. As soon as we can again, we move “with each other!”

Lock-down activities

Just now it’s important to keep moving and work on a good lifestyle. So we create an overview of activities what we can offer you at this moment with the current Coronarules keep in mind:

  1. Couple training or Personal Training

This training is outside, 30 minutes and together with a BCL-instructor. It’s possible to train once a week with a trainer. It’s possible to join for each person and each level.

2. Online coachmeeting

An online coach meeting with on your BCL-instructors. He or she can give you tips about lifestyle, food & keep moving during this time.

3. A personal racing bike training

Go together with Laurens for a racing bike tour through Friesland and become some tips & tricks. It’s necessary to have an own racing bike.

4. Walk & Fit

Walk together 30 minutes with a BCL-instructor. It’s hard during this time to have social contacts, maybe a walk together helps you during this time. Next to that you become your daily movement and become some practical tips.

On Demand & BCL @home workouts

Also at home it’s possible to join our courses. Every week we add some new courses, workouts and video’s in our MyWellness app. Go to the On Demand part and with 2 clicks you can start your favorite activity.

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