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We made a news letter with an overview of all the information for the re-opening of the gym. You can read the newsletter here.

Reader ‘Sports and Covid-19’

We made as well for you an overview with all the current rules for the gym. You can find the reader ‘Sports and Covid-19’ here.

Back in action!

We are very happy to reopen our doors after 5 months. We can’t wait to restart, and probably so can’t you! Nevertheless, our advice is to rebuild your workouts slowly. After 5 months without fitness it is impossible to go straight to your old fitnesslevel.

Therefore, here are 4 advices to restart fitness safely:

Advice 1: Lower your training intensity
Set your exercises 25–50% less hard than you were used to. For strength exercises: make sure you can do at least 15 repetitions per set. Do you have a specific goal where it is better to do fewer reps with a higher intensity? Even then, our advice is to start with sets of 15 repetitions. This way your   muscles and tendons can get used used to strength training again and you prevent overload or injuries. After a few weeks of training you can slowly rebuild the intensity.

Advice 2: Train shorter
To build up your overall fitness it is not necessary to train for an hour. Even 30 minutes of effort already has a positive effect. So feel free to start with shorter training sessions than you were used to!

Advice 3: Listen to your body
Perhaps the most important advice we can give you. Your body itself indicates whether your training is (or has been) too hard. Avoid maximum effort in the first weeks. Do you still have muscle pain before your workout? That is a sign that your body is still recovering. In that case, schedule your training for a day or do recovery training. Do not ignore these signals!

Advice 4: Have your training program adjusted
As already indicated, your old training program will no longer match your current level. In addition, you may have new training goals by now. It is therefore good to have your training program adjusted by one of our instructors.

We advice you to train a few times before having your training program adjusted. In this way we can make a good estimation of your current level.

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