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Studying and exercise in Leeuwarden

Studying and exercise in Leeuwarden

Excercise and studying go together perfectly at Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden. We offer attractive rates to students for use of the best fitness and wellness facilities in Leeuwarden.

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Exercising the way you want, at a level that suits you, in an environment where you feel comfortable makes keeping active not just fun, but also means you will probably stick at it for longer. We play our part by providing the best facilities, well-trained exercise professionals, personal attention and the latest developments in the field of exercise and wellbeing. And you'll be happy to know that all our personal trainers speak excellent English.

Personal trainers
with a passion for movement

Professional, enthusiastic and well-trained. At Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden you will find personal trainers with a passion for exercise. Whether you are after professional coaching, tailored advice or just that little push in the right direction, our trainers are on hand to help. And they speak excellent English!
  • Testimonial

    René van der Weij

    About René van der Weij

    You can find Rene as fitness or spinning instructor. I like it to see every day other people and help them with their goals.  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Soeniel Jakhari

    About Soeniel Jakhari

    My motivation? Help people to feel fine and healthy. With a mix of different dance, yoga and fitness exercises I try to help people with that goal. Next to that I appreciate it to teach pole fitness, yoga and insanity. And I’m instructor in the fitness. Keep going and improve yourself!  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Feiko Broersma

    About Feiko Broersma

    It is my dream is to make Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden to the place in the city where sports and sporters come together.  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Giso Boelens

    About Giso Boelens

    'I'm one of the two managers of BCL. The difference in a lot of tasks, working in a company with sport, it makes me happy'.  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Nikki Jepkema

    About Nikki Jepkema

    You can find me @ the front office, the start of your workout! I will help with all the questions you have.  [···]


At Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden everyone can work towards an active and healthy lifestyle in an enjoyable, responsible and sustainable way. To suit your needs and level, in an environment where you feel comfortable.


Are you looking to get fitter and stronger, or lose weight? You will only achieve results if you enjoy what you do. Exercising in a group will help with this. Inspired by the energy of others, you will be able to get the best out of yourself. From dance to spinning: at Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden we have a wide range of group classes for you to enjoy. The most relevant group classes translated. Which are they?
Personal trainers
  • Testimonial

    Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden

    Conrad Pallarés Sainz de la Maza, Student

    "El mejor gimnasio de Leeuwarden con los mejores entrenadores!"

  • For questions or tips there is always a nice staff member

    Klara Menzel, Studente

    When I became a member of the bewegingscentrum in June I noticed how modern and bright the building is. Vivid colours, big windows and a lot of space make the facility very open and welcoming, just like the big course room, for example, which is great to do group work-outs and dance lessons in. But after I started exercising on the machines and tried out some courses I quickly discovered my favourite type of training. After attending a pole lesson with Soeniel I started working out more often on the pole. I was tought great practices with free weights and different strengthening exercises on the pole. Quickly, I gained a lot of strength and confidence from the training. By now I am very happy that I chose the bewegingscentrum since I really enjoy working out on the pole as well as on the machines. For questions or tips there is always a nice staff member and the gym generally offers everything one could ask for.

  • Testimonial

    Das Bewegingcentrum Leeuwarden ist für mich quasi ein zweites Zuhause geworden

    Pauline Rein, Student

    Das Bewegingcentrum Leeuwarden ist für mich quasi ein zweites Zuhause geworden. Eine entspannte Atmosphäre, motivierte und hilfsbereite Trainer und ein cooles Kursangebot bewegen mich regelmässig von der Couch

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